CloudPassage releases an important new compliance update to Halo

Today CloudPassage announced a new update to the Halo security platform that makes it even easier for teams to achieve compliance and improve their company’s security.

The release is primarily for the addition of Server Account Monitoring (SAM) for Windows, which further enables security teams to monitor local server accounts on Windows servers.

SAM for Windows makes it possible for Halo users to produce reports on local user account inventories, which helps to identify and track various accounts and situations that administrators monitor. Halo users can also scan their entire infrastructure for accounts with a specified criteria, such as people that have not logged in over a period of time, or accounts that are locked due to password failures.

While Halo is continuously scanning user accounts in real time, this information is always stored  making it easy to find and reference past scans as well. Analysts can also be alerted if a new or deleted user account is detected.

SAM for Windows is included in the SAM module within Halo.

In addition to SAM for Windows, the new Halo update features an enhanced user portal across platforms, making it simpler than ever for teams to export the information they need to report on and remediate issues.
Learn more about this new Halo update in the press release.

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