Getting Started with Halo for Windows

Welcome to the CloudPassage guide to getting started with Halo for Windows.  This 3 min video will show you how to get you up and running in our Basic Edition from your first login, showing you how to install your daemons, and giving you a tour of the Halo portal.

To get started:

  1. Log in with the username and temporary password you received in your registration email.
  2. Install Daemons – Click the “Install Halo for Linux” or “Install Halo for Windows button.  Follow the instructions on the page. Repeat for all servers you wish to protect with Halo.
  3. Organize your servers into groups.  Tips available here.

It’s that easy to get set up!  Now you’re ready to configure some security policies:

  • Set up a firewall – instructions are here for Linux and here for Windows
  • Select a configuration policy and run scan – instructions are here.
  • Explore the resulting scans
    • Click through the modules on the dashboard to see abbreviated results; click on a server to dive deeper.
    • At this point you should have Software Scan results, Configuration Scan results, Server Access Scan results, and an active firewall – wow!
  • Set up Security Events Policies – instructions are here.
  • Set up File Integrity Monitoring Policies – instructions are here.


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