CloudPassage Announces Series C: Establishing Leadership in Securing Cloud Environments

At CloudPassage, we have created a security solution designed for the cloud. And while we already have 400 production cloud application deployments, including a number of Fortune 1000 enterprises, and automate security for more than 10,000 new cloud workload instances each month, we can do more. Every organization using the cloud needs a security solution purpose built for the cloud.

With the announcement of our Series C, we are aggressively accelerating our go-to-market strategy and cementing ourselves as the leader in securing cloud environments.

Gartner predicts that cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spend by 2016, but security remains the top inhibitor to cloud adoption. Our investors Benchmark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Musea Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Stephen Luczo, CEO of Seagate, and Tenaya Capital understand that securing the cloud is a need that must be met and recognize that CloudPassage has built the best solution for the job.

For the last three years, we have been focused on perfecting a solution that overcomes the challenges of securing the cloud. The benefits the cloud offers for scalability and flexibility are well understood, but security has been a puzzle. Traditional solutions, designed for well-defined, static environments and fixed perimeters, are square pegs trying to fit round holes. CloudPassage’s Halo™ is built like the cloud — flexible, lightweight and fast to deploy and scale, regardless of the environment.

We have integrations with leading cloud and security technologies, including VMware, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, RightScale, Splunk and HP ArcSight. We have laid the groundwork for an ecosystem that caters to the tools large enterprises rely on. Our goal is to be the defacto solution for securing enterprise cloud environments, synonymous with allowing organizations to seamlessly move to the cloud, automate security and compliance, and enjoy the full-breadth of benefits that cloud computing offers. Software Defined Security (SDSec), we are here.

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