Enterprise visibility on the Halo® platform

The latest release of the upgraded Halo platform doesn’t just come with a slick new design. Key new features that give your business a well-rounded security experience (at DevOps speed) have been added to Halo, so you and your team can focus on what’s important to your business.

One of the biggest pain points in security today is a lack of visibility—what’s going on across your infrastructure? What about down to the workload level? Operating systems? Processes? Containers? Maintaining instant visibility is now table stakes in today’s heightened threat landscape. But this can be especially challenging when an enterprise has tens of thousands of servers and instances spread out across multiple environments.

With Halo’s new hierarchy-based interface, you can take a broad view of your infrastructure and then drill down to pinpoint each server’s activity and status — in real-time and on demand, allowing you to immediately identify issues and then act on them quickly, without skipping a beat.

You can also provide different levels of access, so that your team only sees what’s relevant to them. Need to see just your PCI compliance servers? No problem. Need to focus on your Linux servers? Not an issue.

The rich capabilities of Halo set your business on the right track of security maturity.

Learn more in this 2-minute video about enterprise visibility with Halo.

Halo – Enterprise Visibility from CloudPassage.


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