Enhancing EC2 Security with Halo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is perhaps one of the most widely utilized public cloud computing platforms available. As with any architecture, however, there are inherent security issues that must be addressed to ensure continued security and compliance.

According to the Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes white paper, AWS recommends that additional security measures be used to secure cloud server instance’s operating systems, applications, and data.

To address these recommendations, and the security requirements of operating in any cloud service provider’s environment, CloudPassage Halo provides critical security for your guest operating systems including automated firewall management, two-factor authentication, intrusion detection, and secure configuration management.

On Tuesday December 4th, CloudPassage Chief Evangelist Andrew Hay held a 30-minute webinar on Enhancing Default EC2 Security. He detailed the current security capabilities of AWS and explained how to supplement them with best practices for server deployment and cloud-capable security tools.

Watch the webinar and you will learn how to:

  • Identify your security responsibilities within the AWS EC2 architecture
  • Secure your operating system and application server configurations
  • Automatically scale and orchestrate security across a very large number of dynamic virtual servers



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