Rapid Liftoff for M&A with the #1 CRM Company

Company acquisitions folded into seamless security model on “day one” of mergers to speed visibility, compliance.

The world’s number one CRM company grew up in the cloud and empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. As the company grew, it expanded its portfolio of product offerings many times through strategic acquisition of other firms. But ensuring visibility, protection and compliance across disparate IT environments can take months to pull off.

When acquiring another company that often had invested in diverse cloud infrastructure, the security team at the CRM company had to quickly assess policies, procedures and compliance prior to the merger being finalized. Typically this has to be done in the 90 day “quiet” period between when the merger is announced and the day the merger is finalized. But here’s the catch: the security and IT teams cannot do anything to alter the acquired company’s infrastructure during this time.

Using traditional tools and manual processes, this would take months; far too long to be ready on day one of the newly merged company.

Here’s how the CRM company solved the problem. During the 90 day “quiet period” prior to the merger being finalized, the security team took a few minutes to install CloudPassage Halo in read-only or audit mode on every virtual workload in order to gain complete visibility into the acquired company’s virtual infrastructure. Now the security team knew what they were dealing with and could plan their strategy for the combined companies. On the day the merger was finalized, Halo was switched into full enforcement mode and new security policies were uploaded to the Halo agents, ensuring that the entire cloud infrastructure for the whole (merged) company was now being protected in a consistent, compliant way.

“CloudPassage is really helping us secure our SaaS infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud, Halo gives us an accurate view of our entire threat profile, enabling us to easily meet the more stringent IT requirements of our new parent company.” Senior Security Engineer, SaaS CRM Company