Fully Automated Security in a Click-to-Compute Private Cloud

Automated, on-demand security & compliance streamlines application delivery for the business.

This leading financial services firm helps more than 23 million consumers invest their life savings and more than 20,000 businesses administer their employee benefits programs. With more than $5 trillion in assets under administration, the bank has invested heavily in a click-to-compute private cloud infrastructure as a strategy to lower operating cost and become more agile in delivering new IT capabilities to the business. The problem? Their existing security and compliance solutions wouldn’t scale at the same rate. They were faced with months of policy provisioning and deployment. A new approach was needed.

The bank chose CloudPassage Halo as their agile security platform. Halo scales seamlessly, takes just minutes to deploy and gave the bank instant visibility into their private cloud infrastructure. Halo moves at the speed of the new IT organization, while at the same time providing continuous visibility, protection and compliance within a very dynamic cloud environment. CloudPassage Halo is now fully integrated into a click-to-compute model that offers seamless, automated scaling of IT resources within the bank.