Cool Halo Trick #6: Identifying servers launched and monitored through RightScale

Problem: Because you’re using RightScale for your centralized server management, you want to make sure all servers are installed with the RightScale software and have RightScale monitoring enabled.

Halo can identify if a server is using RightScale and also detect if the server loses RightScale monitoring.

Step 1.
Create a Configuration Check that will tell you if the image has RightScale software installed. Using the “File Presence” check we can look into the install Dir “/opt/rightscale” and check if a “LICENSE” file is present. This should indicate that the RightScale software was installed.

Step 2.
Create a Configuration Check that will check if the RightScale monitoring software is running. Using the “File Presence” check you can monitor for the presence of the file This is the RightScale monitoring process PID and should be present on all servers being monitored through RightScale.

Another way you could do this, is through the use of a “Process Present” check. Because “monit” should also be an active process the below check will also tell you if the server has been launched and is currently being monitored through RightScale.

Selecting the “Alert” event above will permit you to receive real time alerts, provided you have properly configured logging and alerting. Now you will receive a alert if the server is no longer being monitored by RightScale.

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