Cool Halo Trick #15: Alert When Server Changes IP Address

Problem: I need to be alerted immediately if any of my cloud servers are assigned a new IP address!

Cloud Passage Halo can both detect, as well as report, when one of your cloud servers change its IP address.

In Halo Portal, click Policies → Special Event Policies → Add New Special Events. Give the policy a name as well as a description.

On the Server IP address changed line, check off Log event and Generate an alert. You can optionally choose to select Flag critical if you want this event classified as a critical event. (See Figure 1)

Once complete, click the Save button on the bottom of the screen.

From the Halo main menu, select Policies → Alert Profiles → Add New Alert Profile. The alert profile lets you define which Halo users should receive email alerts when an event is detected. Provide a name and description for the alert, and identify how often alerts should be sent.

Click the Add users button to produce a list of defined Halo users. Select the ones who should receive this alert. (See Figure 2)

Once complete, click the Save button on the bottom of the screen.

From the Halo main menu, select Servers → Security Events. Click the name of the group which contains the servers you wish to monitor for reboots. When the Edit Details option appears, click on it. (See Figure 3)

On the Special Events Policy line, use the pull down menu to select the special event policy you just created. Likewise, on the Alert Profiles line, select the alert policy you just created. (See Figure 4)

Click the Save button when complete.  That’s it!

Now whenever a server’s IP address is changed, Halo will both log and alert on the occurrence.

Log entries can be viewed at Servers → Security Events History from the Halo main menu. Alerts will be delivered to the email address associated with each user defined in the alert profile.


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