CloudPassage Wins ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ 2013-2014 Cloud Award

We’re excited to announce that CloudPassage Halo Enterprise has been named the winner of 2013 – 2014 Cloud Awards in the Security Innovation of the Year category! The Cloud Awards program celebrates and identifies the best in Cloud Computing and is open to companies and organizations globally.

The cloud offers amazing benefits for enterprises, allowing for agility and scalability not possible with traditional data centers. But with those benefits come significant challenges. Cloud environments defy traditional security and compliance solutions built for set perimeters and fixed volumes — creating huge burdens and risks for organizations.

CloudPassage is the industry’s first and only security and compliance platform purpose-built for massively distributed elastic cloud environments.

Halo delivers security and compliance that matches the new technical and operationally agile cloud environments. Because Halo is a SaaS-based security solution, our security and analytics engine processes critical security data in our computing grid, which is hosted in a cloud environment itself. With this approach, customers do not have to weigh the cost of usability and functionality against security within their cloud-delivered workloads.

We are proud to be recognized as the Security Innovation of the Year. Our goal is to enable organizations to get the full benefits of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures without the burden.

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