CloudPassage Halo Arrives on the IBM Cloud Marketplace

Over the last year IBM has been cementing its place in the enterprise cloud market with a number of significant moves, including its multi-billion dollar acquisition of SoftLayer, a cloud infrastructure provider, and its $1 billion investment in BlueMix, a PaaS offering geared toward helping enterprise customers move legacy systems into the cloud. Today IBM made another significant move on its cloud journey with the announcement of the IBM Cloud marketplace.

The IBM Cloud marketplace offers customers access to BlueMix and Softlayer, as well as over 100 SaaS applications that make it easier for LOB, developers and IT to build and deploy services faster and easier by leveraging the cloud. CloudPassage is thrilled to partner with IBM to offer Halo to its customers through this new marketplace. 

That’s right: CloudPassage Halo is now available on the IBM Cloud marketplace.

So, what exactly does this mean? It means that anyone using the Softlayer global cloud infrastructure can immediately secure their workloads and ensure compliance with Halo. For IBM customers looking to get started right away, sign up for our 15-day free trial here.

It also means that as businesses evaluate the variety of cloud infrastructure options available to them today, CloudPassage will be there to secure whatever environment they choose. Security doesn’t need to be a barrier to cloud adoption any more.

We’re excited to partner with IBM as it expands its cloud offerings and proud to be part of the growing ecosystem of providers enabling the movement to the cloud.

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