You Can’t Just Change Employees’ Titles and Get DevOps (RSA 2016)

Guest blog by David Spark, Spark Media Solutions

“Enterprises with their size continue to have silo challenges. DevOps is something they continue to struggle with,” said Daniel Riedel(@RieldelInc), CEO, New Context in our conversation at the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco. “Oftentimes in an enterprise, when they implement DevOps, what it really means is that they took their system administrators and they gave them new titles.”

While other organizations may be moving faster into a fluid DevOps paradigm, enterprises could possibly take five years to achieve their DevOps objective, explained Riedel. For enterprises, this is the result of decades of technical debt. It’s not something you’re going to solve in one year. A DevOps enterprise will take time to build.

“DevOps is not a title and it’s not something a singular person can do,” said Riedel. “It really does mean you have to break down the silos in your organization.”

Riedel describes a situation where one of his clients was having trouble with operations implementing the developers’ work. It didn’t appear that they had a DevOps environment, but more of a Dev……….Ops, environment, which for many is situation normal.

Although most of the DevOps challenges are about just getting developers and operations integrated, don’t let security be an afterthought.

“Stop throwing things over the wall hoping someone else will solve the problem,” warned Riedel.

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