Background info for the newbies

I wanted to start by doing a bit of general housekeeping. For those who are new to cloud computing and are trying to get up to speed, here’s some homework reading…

NIST 800-145 is *the* document which defines cloud computing. It is relatively technical, but only seven pages. Best place to establish a baseline.

If you understand the basics of cloud computing, but get thrown for a loop by all of the new terms, NIST has created a cloud specific dictionary of terms.

The Cloud Security Alliance has created an excellent community document called “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing”. This is a long document (77 pages). It summarizes some of the NIST information mentioned above, as well as highlights some of the common security problems in public cloud deployments. Consider this a must read, just not all in one sitting. 😉

After that bit of light reading, come on back and we’ll turn on the fire hose.

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