Alexa, how easy is it to use the Halo API?

How long does it take to integrate the Halo API with an Amazon Echo? A little over a day if you’re Nick Lee, our senior solutions architect. But as Nick points out, the Halo REST API is so easy work with that just about anyone technical could get set up with our API in that amount of time.

Nick’s integration with Alexa, which is definitely worth a watch, (check out the video below), was simply done to demonstrate the versatility of the Halo platform’s APIs and overall ease of use in both a visual and interactive way. We would definitely not recommend this integration for practical use (since user verification and authentication is a critical security step) but this Alexa scenario is a fun way to highlight that the integration and customization possibilities are endless with Halo.

While a lot of security companies claim they have a REST API that’s easy to use, we’re guessing that there aren’t too many that could integrate quickly with Alexa, and then have Alexa seamlessly retrieve useful information right when you need it.

Using this sample integration, users ask Alexa for a list of active servers, or better yet, a list of servers with active issues, and get a prompt reply detailing server number and issue. You could even ask Alexa whether or not you’re within compliance. Would you rather see everything rather than hear it? Ask Alexa to email you the latest reports or see the report on the Alexa site. It’s that easy. See for yourself below in our 8-minute video.

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