451 Research: The Path to IaaS Security

451 Research recently noted that CloudPassage Halo is “position to keep the lead” for IaaS security. Check out the full report to learn more.

As 451 Research points out ‘security for IaaS is more than preventing unauthorized access to instances; it is about doing an effective job at providing security and compliance services in a repeatable, manageable and scalable manner.’ Businesses find themselves weighed down by traditional security products that just aren’t practical in a cloud context. It can easily cost more to implement security than the very cloud instances they protect.

451 Research dove in to assess Halo, and its place in the growing cloud security ecosystem. To begin, 451 Research established a few important changes that are underway as businesses become part of the ‘clouderati’: 

  1. IaaS security solutions offer the key advantages of automation, scalability, and visibility; these advantages become more distinct in cases where thousands of instances, rather than dozens, require protection
  2. SaaS adoption in industries with tight security regulations sets a higher bar for the providers of SaaS products, who need to implement threat intelligence, administer anomaly-based threat detection, and maintain a lightweight presence on customer systems.

Cloud-agnostic, Halo ties security and compliance capabilities directly into any cloud platform or service provider. CloudPassage Halo helps enterprises secure their transition to the cloud, carving a path through IaaS security.

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