2017 was a year of killer blogs!

It’s the end of the year and we’re feeling nostalgic at CloudPassage.

Specifically, we’ve been looking back at year of great blogs and announcements we’ve had – 2017 was a year of impressive company growth. We launched Container Secure, an all-encompassing set of automated compliance and security controls for containers; we provided recommendations and steps for how companies can navigate the WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya breaches; and we were also awarded some great accolades.

See below for a few of our top-performing blogs and announcements.

Halo earns 5-out-of-5 stars from SC Magazine!
Learn here about why SC Magazine gave CloudPassage Halo 5 out of 5 stars.

Security considerations in a DevOps pipeline
We say it again and again, because it’s true: In a DevOps environment, it’s best to bake security into every stage of the application development process, right from the start. Read this blog to see why.

What is automated compliance?
Imagine that all systems were continually checked for compliance. No manual effort, no spot checks, no scheduled scan windows. Well, it can be done. We show you how in this blog.

The first wave of WannaCry was just the beginning. What’s next?
Remember WannaCry? So do we. This blog analyzes the WannaCry ransomware attack in order to look ahead at the potential attack reverberations we can expect thanks to the sheer size of said breach.

It’s all about containers: unveiling Project Azul and Halo platform updates
We had a lot of exciting announcements this year, and this blog post gives you a taste of the top three. We talk about the new-generation security analytics engine and something even more exciting: Project Azul as well as some additional Halo platform updates. Project Azul is our single-platform container security solution with an extensive set of automated compliance and security controls to monitor and secure Docker containers.

Infographic: Universities still struggle to provide cybersecurity education
Last year we conducted a survey of cybersecurity education in the United States, surveying the top 121 computer science programs from universities across the US. We were looking to see whether these universities required or offered cybersecurity courses for their various degree programs. This year we followed up with some of these schools, looking to see how their rankings may have changed.

Containers 101 – What do you need to know?
This blog answers the questions: What exactly are containers? And why are they so rapidly grabbing developer market share from virtual machines?

10 ways to ensure your employees practice excellent security
It can be easy to overlook one of the greatest risks to an organization’s security: its employees.

This blog spells out the top ways you can ensure that your organization stays secure – from the inside out.

Infographic: Containers – tiny solutions for whale-sized challenges
More than a trend, containers are here to stay. Check out the infographic in this blog post to see why! You’ll learn about Docker, the history of containerization practices, and what makes containers so easy to use.

The cybersecurity skills gap shows no signs of closing
As we reported previously, students continue to graduate with computer science degrees from top universities, but with little real-world knowledge of cybersecurity. So what’s the hiring process like when there is such a skills shortage? Read this blog to learn more.

Have you heard the news? CloudPassage has debuted Container Secure!
Recently we announced one of the most important updates to the CloudPassage Halo platform to date: Container Secure; an all-encompassing set of automated compliance and security controls for containers.

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