Announcing…Halo Cortex!

We have an amazing launch that we’re thrilled to share with you today! Halo Cortex is officially live (check out our press release) and it’s about to drastically improve your communication and DevOps processes with CloudPassage Halo.

Halo Cortex is designed for deep integration with your DevOps workflows and processes. In fact, many of the tools are delivered as Docker containers so that they can be transitioned and sectioned into an organization’s existing DevOps toolsets. Cortex is a community-supported, open-source software under the BSD license. Support for Halo Cortex is included as part of the CloudPassage Halo platform.

“We recommend using Halo Cortex to jump-start security automation within your organization,” said Ash Wilson, strategic engineering specialist for CloudPassage. “You can absorb specific components from Halo Cortex into your existing automation processes later on, or you can use Cortex as-is and eventually extend its functionality. The beauty of Halo Cortex is it can be customized to meet specific needs within your organization’s environment, and no matter how you intend to use it, we have documentation to guide your team through the process of adding functionality.”

Think of Halo Cortex as your lightning-fast integration tool, whose components include:

  • Donbot: Interact with Halo from within the Slack application. This component brings high-quality information to DevSecOps personnel in the most low-friction way possible.
  • Halo-Celery: Your asynchronous task manager. Allows multiple users (via Donbot) to interact simultaneously with Halo and prevents long-running queries and reports from interrupting or delaying user interaction.
  • Firewall-Graph: Runs on-demand, and generates a graphical representation of a specific Halo group’s firewall policy.
  • Scans-to-S3: Runs daily and ships all scan data, from all Halo modules, to S3 for long-term storage or further analysis. Use this to meet long-term compliance needs or to feed a data lake for deep analysis of historical security information.
  • Events-to-S3: Runs daily and ships all events, from all modules, from your Halo account to AWS S3 for long-term storage or further analysis. Like Scans-to-S3, this tool can be useful for facilitating deep analysis of historical security data.

Currently customers can ask Donbot these questions:

To learn more about Halo Cortex and how best you can leverage it for your organization, check out our press release, or the webpage!


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