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Workload security & compliance from development to deployment across clouds, data centers, servers and containers – at speed and scale.

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instant-visibility-2.svg Visibility

Workload visibility & protection:

Automated workload visibility, security and compliance

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Better together:

Automated security at DevOps speed

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Automated compliance:

Don’t let manual processes hold up compliance

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Seamlessly integrate with Halo

Halo can be used in conjunction with the world’s leading orchestration tools in order to secure organizations in a way that embraces speed, flexibility and all the other benefits of modern compute models.


Automated security for the agile enterprise:

The CloudPassage Halo difference

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PCI compliance across clouds

Organizations subject to PCI DSS are increasingly turning to cloud computing for increased IT agility and business growth. This white paper covers real-world advice on addressing PCI DSS in dynamic cloud environments and best practice guidelines.

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