Software Defined Security

Purpose-built for the cloud

Private Cloud Protection

Private cloud environments present a major challenge to security teams charged with maintaining protection and compliance.

Private Cloud Security

The automated, fast-moving nature of the cloud ecosystem is often leagues ahead of legacy security software solutions built for traditional infrastructure.

The Halo cloud security platform was purpose-built for the dynamic and scalable nature of modern cloud environments. Highly automated and easily integrated, Halo provides your organization with the critical protection, visibility and control needed to assure cloud security – without the fixed perimeters of legacy security.

Halo automates security and compliance on your private cloud in an easily integrated and scalable platform. Halo's centralized grid computing architecture is platform- and provider-agnostic, and delivers agile security while transparently handling massive workloads. Halo integrates with your infrastructure, and can usually be deployed in under an hour.

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Hybrid Cloud Protection

While hybrid cloud models unlock new technical advantages and capabilities, security professionals find it difficult to keep their legacy security solution up-to-speed, and grow concerned with data floating between on-premise technology and public clouds.

Hybrid Cloud Security

When enterprises move critical assets, security managers are often left to manage a complicated mix of legacy infrastructure, platforms, and systems.

While legacy security infrastructures rely on legacy solutions, Halo was designed specifically to operate in the dynamic and elastic context of modern cloud environments. Delivering security and compliance controls across any mix of infrastructure environments, Halo provides protection, visibility, and control for your hybrid cloud.

The mechanics of a hybrid cloud environment – in which data often exists between on-premise and public cloud hosting environments – require a portable security solution that can work with a mix of infrastructures. The Halo platform not only meets this need, but also provides a centralized monitoring and control point that helps security teams readily meet compliance standards. No customer or end-user data is passed through or collected by Halo–all network traffic is sent directly to virtual instances.

The Halo platform offers security built to support the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud environments, allowing your security team to spend less time working on security and more time making security work.


Public Cloud Protection

Implementing full security and compliance controls for apps and servers is critical in public cloud environments.

Public Cloud Security

While these dynamic public clouds offer numerous Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) benefits, including technical advantages and ease-of-use, they also raise countless security concerns. What's more, most public IaaS providers leave customers responsible for securing and monitoring virtual instances.

The Halo platform offers security built to support the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud environments, including public IaaS. Halo delivers security controls that are portable across cloud environments. Transparent, automated security provisioning is part of the stack, and implemented in real time as new cloud servers are created. Once installed, Halo unifies policy configuration, alert response, user administration, and other key management functions in a single view – the Halo Portal. Compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and other security standards is simplified through Halo's security modules.

Legacy security solutions rely on fixed perimeters, hardware appliances, and static network segmentation, which don't exist in any cloud infrastructure. The Halo cloud security platform allows organizations to efficiently manage security and compliance, making it possible to use cloud infrastructure with confidence.

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Secure Your SaaS Solution

Customer security concerns mean SaaS providers must integrate security into their products in a way that makes effective use of their security teams' time and resources.

SaaS Delivery security

Software-as-a-Service is unquestionably the new model for software delivery to both consumers and businesses. Speed to market, recurring revenue, and lower customer acquisition costs are just a few of the benefits of SaaS delivery models.

In the complex, dynamic SaaS application hosting environments, automating security controls and compliance monitoring allows even small IT teams to meet ongoing security and compliance demands.

Meet Halo: the fully automated cloud security platform from CloudPassage built specifically to help security teams address protection and compliance in cloud hosting infrastructure. Almost all SaaS hosting infrastructure includes a mix of computing platforms; Halo is able to secure private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, and works across multiple cloud platforms and providers.

Halo can extend protection to your cloud infrastructure in just a matter of hours, and requires no security hardware or software. It's the only security product on the market to work in any virtual or cloud environment. With Halo, SaaS providers get automated security that delivers the visibility and control they need.

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Compliance Automation

Nothing stops the momentum of a cloud development project or the transformation of an application to a SaaS solution as forgetting to address compliance requirements up front.

Compliance Automation for the Cloud

More businesses are growing specialized solutions for financial, healthcare, and retail industries and will be asked to show industry specific compliance to take advantage of these opportunities.

Legacy security solutions relying on fixed perimeters or relying on the cloud provider's security layer is not enough in the ever changing compliance landscape. Business can't afford to trade off the efficiencies and elastic nature of cloud environments in order to get the necessary security controls for compliance.

Only software defined security can support the dynamic nature of how workloads initiate, network, and cycle. With the ability to track and log dynamic workflow, state and changes across multiple cloud environments the Halo cloud security platform provides ease of compliance without sacrificing progress. Transparent, automated security provisioning ensures security and compliance with low overhead for PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, SOX and other regulations that focus on mitigating risk.

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